Saturday, April 14, 2012

honeymoon dreamin'

it's that time of the semester when i get bogged down by the massive amounts of work i have to complete in the next three two (!!!!!!!!) weeks. sigh. as i procrastinate (like a true college student), i dream about my honeymoon to pass the time.

after spending our wedding night in charlotte, brandon and i are going to DISNEY WORLD! anyone who knows me fairly well knows that disney world is my favorite place on the planet. there are literally thousands of ways to vacation at disney world and there's something for everyone. i've been bugging brandon to go almost ever since we started dating! he was never really a fan of the idea. i think he even became less of a fan because i talked about it constantly. "where do you want to go to dinner?" "disney world." "what do you want to do this weekend?" "go to disney world." etc. etc. etc.

towards the beginning of our wedding planning i was feeling pretty down one day and brandon asked me what would make me happy and excited. "disney world." he said, "ok, i'll give you 5 minutes to convince me why we should go to disney world for our honeymoon."

it worked! in 5 minutes i convinced him that we should visit disney world for our honeymoon. needless to say, i am really excited. brandon is excited, too! we will be staying in a waterfront room at disney's coronado springs resort.

we'll spend the next several days visiting each of the disney parks, relaxing at our resort's pool, eating lots of amazing meals, and even playing a round or two of disney miniature golf!

{mayan themed resort pool}

{disney's winter summerland miniature golf}

we even happen to be visiting during epcot's annual international flower & garden festival. there are topiaries of disney characters and beautiful flower beds around the park.

on the way back to nc we've decided to make a pit stop in savannah, georgia. neither of us have been to savannah so we're really excited to visit this historic town. we'll be staying at the marshall house, the oldest hotel in savannah (built in 1851). 

i am really looking forward to this special vacation... especially since it will be with my husband! have you visited disney world or savannah lately? any tips or suggestions?


  1. Hannah! You're going to have a blast! I love Disney, and my favourite city in Georgia is Savannah! It's beautiful! I'm so happy for you both!