Monday, April 2, 2012

fun. and formatting

yes, i like to have fun and... i format things from time to time? however, the title of this post is for the band fun. (yes, with a period) and the band the format. music mondays, here we come!

i posted about fun. a few weeks ago when i wrote of my obsession with their song "we are young" that was covered on glee last fall. little did i know that i'd soon be hearing it on the radio and in almost every store i set foot in. their new album, some nights, is doing very well on the charts and as soon as i finish writing this post i'm hopping over to target to pick up my own copy! look at these snazzy guys!

what some of you may not know is that lead singer nate ruess also fronted another of my favorite bands, the format. have you heard of the format? that's okay. not many people have. the format released tons of "poppy" songs, though they are very different from the tracks on fun.'s most recent release. i always want to dance when i hear the format, with one exception: a song that makes me cry every time i hear it. here are my favorites from the format:





on your porch gets me every time! i'm totally tearing up over here! other tunes to check out if you like what you heard: sore thumb & let's make this moment a crime. i also can't stop listening to the title track of fun.'s album! i'd love the chance to see fun. in concert and i'd really, really love the chance to see the format in concert, should they ever reunite. what band would you like the opportunity to see that doesn't record together anymore?


  1. If the Format ever reunites we are going! I still miss them so much. I should listen to fun. more! (but it's still not the same)

  2. mer, i thought of you so many times as i was writing this post!

  3. I love the format, on your porch is my favorite! I only knew of them because I had a boyfriend that had good taste in music ;-)

  4. whitney, i'll give you one guess as to the person who put "on your porch" on a mix cd for me...