Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY: bridal bouquet

i had my bridal portraits taken last week by the wonderful snyder photography. i wasn't planning on having bridal portraits done, but i won a contest on their facebook page and i'm so glad that i met up with pam and her daughter, olivia. i viewed the proofs yesterday and they are amazing!

i'm trying to keep expenses low for our wedding, so i decided it might be fun to make my bouquet for my bridal portraits. why spend a lot of money on a bouquet that will be used for an hour? i found a bouquet guide on the knot and got to work!

follow these steps to make a beautiful bridal bouquet:

i went to the local harris teeter and snatched up 7 bunches of yellow & white flowers. total cost? $28. store them in a cool place, in water.

you'll need sharp scissors (for cutting ribbon), crafting/gardening scissors, thick ribbon of your color choice, rubber bands, floral tape, or thin wire, and straight pins.

cut thorns & extra greenery off of flowers. keep the stems long while you're assembling the bouquet and then trim them evenly at the end.

begin with 4 flowers of the same size. hold them together in a square. this will be the center of your bouquet. add flowers around the outside until you've reached the level of fullness you want.

secure the bouquet firmly with rubber bands, floral tape, or wire. start about 4 inches from the base of the flowers. i expected to use rubber bands, but decided that wire was a lot stronger. my dad helped me wrap the wire around the the base in several spots. we twisted it and cut it with pliers.

leave your completed bouquet in a cool place, in water, until you're almost ready to use it. when ready, trim the stems to an even length, about 7-8 inches long. pat the stems as dry as you can get them. now you're ready to wrap! grab your ribbon and start at the top. tuck it in to your rubber band/wires/stems and wrap it around downward until you're about 2 inches from the bottom of the bouquet. twist the ribbon and wrap it back up. cut the ribbon and tuck it into the same rubber band/wire/stem where you started. secure with a straight pin. add any pins or extra details.

{i love dogwoods and wore this pin in my friend meghan's wedding in 2010}

i am very proud of the results of my bridal bouquet and i've even decided to make the bouquet for my wedding day as well! the total cost for this project is around $30 + 30-45 minutes of your time. a bridal bouquet from a florist will run at least $80 and most likely over $100. if you're not sure you want the responsibility of creating your own bridal bouquet, you could always make bridesmaids bouquets or experiment with making boutonni√®res!


  1. This is so pretty! It makes it so much more special knowing you did it yourself.