Wednesday, April 4, 2012

chef #54: perfect pomegranate margarita

i've been loving everything pomegranate lately. i've never eaten the actual fruit (too messy!), but its deep color and unique flavor make pomegranate drinks just wonderful! i tried the pomegranate margarita at my favorite local mexican restaurant and i'm hooked. i decided to attempt to re-create it at home the other night. mine was too strong, so i've adjusted the measurements accordingly:

sugar (for rimming the glass)
1.5 oz tequila
2 oz triple sec
1.5 oz lime juice
3 oz pomegranate juice

directions aren't really necessary for mixing drinks, are they? shake up the ingredients and pour over ice in a cute, sugar-rimmed glass. the end!


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def looks AMAZING!!!!

  2. stephanie, nice to meet you!

  3. Hannah,

    Your blog is really cool. You have a foodie in you it seems. We are foodies too. We are also big on wine (particularly huge, spicy reds) and mixed drinks. Look forward to visiting here from time to time.

  4. This sounds so delicious. It reminds me of my pomegranate martinis at martini nights... I'm always saying, "I'd like a pomegranate martini, but could you please use tequila in place of vodka?" lol.