Tuesday, March 20, 2012


it's officially springtime, though it feels like summer here in nc. with the temperature right at 80 degrees today, i'm lamenting the fact that my summer wardrobe is packed away in my closet at my parents' house. my first order of business this weekend is to dig up my shorts, tank tops, and summery dresses. bye bye winter boots and sweaters! it's a gorgeous first day of spring. this is the view from my porch:

the ducks/geese (?) in the pond keep making all kinds of noise, distracting me from the paper i'm unhappily trying to write. i'd much rather be outside on a day like today. over the weekend i got into the spring spirit and set out a few of my easter decorations. this year, easter is on sunday april 8th.

easter is one of my favorite holidays. easter baskets are fun and easter nests are even more exciting (i made nests with my godsister when i was a kid). however, my very favorite part of easter is the easter morning sunrise service. winston-salem is home to the largest sunrise service in north carolina and i snapped this photo from the top of the moravian archives building in old salem a couple of easters ago:

i have fun things to look forward to this spring:

  • finishing my first year of graduate school
  • the wedding of a close friend
  • the wedding of my godsister
  • honeymooning in disney world
  • a new job (somebody please hire me!)
  • turning 24

what new and exciting things will spring bring for you?


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