Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY: Spice Containers

My friend Meghan blogged a couple of weeks ago about a new organization system for her spices: magnetic tins on the side of your fridge. I had seen similar ideas elsewhere on the web, but her post inspired me to update my spice cabinet once again. You may remember that I had this itch almost exactly a year ago. This time around, the goal was to get some of my spices out of the cabinet and into a more accessible space.

Before I get into the details of my project, I first want to talk about spices. As someone who cooks a LOT, I have quite a supply of spices! They can often be costly, especially if I'm buying something for a specific recipe and don't plan to use it very often.

Enter the Farmer's Market. I've written about my love of the Farmer's Market before and I've been dying this winter without my weekly visits. I noticed during one of my trips last fall that one of the sellers has an entire wall of spices for super cheap! How cheap, you may ask? Take a look at my little comparison chart:

I bought little tubs of the 4 spices I knew I was running low on and I am going to return asap to purchase some more nutmeg and chili powder! I encourage you to check out your local Farmer's Market for spices. I can't get over the price difference!

Back to my project...  Meghan recommended using Ikea's Grundtal magnetic storage tins so I immediately planned a trip to Charlotte to stock up! I had thought that I'd order some tins online and glue magnets on them myself, but these were much easier! In preparation, I picked out some of my most-used spices from the cabinet: 24, to be exact. I use a lot of spices. ;)

I printed and cut labels for the tins using large mailing address labels I purchased for wedding invitations. There's no need to make exact measurements or cuts. The best DIY projects look like DIY projects, in my opinion. About half an hour later I had my finished product!

Having the spices out of the cabinet and on the fridge makes them so much more accessible! I'm so pleased with the result of this project. It's perfect for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.


  1. Maybe you should get a white board and put it up in your kitchen or near it. They are magnetic and also double as a place to write your to do list/ grocery list. Might be worth looking into? I think I might do that!