Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend excursions

as promised, my weekend included karaoke, frozen yogurt, friends, family, and more cleaning! i also managed to do my taxes (ok, ok, my dad did it for me) and i submitted my final fafsa form for financial aid. this is the tenth year i've submitted a fafsa. it will be nice to be done with that for good! :)

on friday night i drove over to dianna's for a karaoke night. we used to have friends over for karaoke all the time when we were roommates in undergrad so i was very excited to sing and was looking forward to it all week.

{friday night: ready to sing!}

{friday night: lots of good snacks}

{friday night: i was terrible at all of the country songs}

on saturday i started making progress towards cleaning out my bedroom at my parents' house. i'm going to spend a few days there over spring break next week and hope to finish up then. 

{saturday afternoon: yoforia date with martha}

i spent most of the day sunday being lazy on the couch watching teen mom 2 (major guilty pleasure). i like having time to myself on sunday afternoons to wind down from the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

{sunday night: veggie tacos for dinner}

now it's time to push through the rest of the week before i enjoy a week away from uncg on spring break. (it was spring break last year when i came to uncg to interview for my masters program!)


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