Friday, February 24, 2012

weekend excursions

it's the weekend again and i'm still playing catch up from last weekend! i love how quickly the weeks are flying by this semester. last weekend i was home in davie county.

{friday evening: dinner at texas roadhouse with martha. we ate lots of peanuts and so many rolls!}

i spent the majority of my day on saturday cleaning my bathroom at my parents' house. no photos necessary. i'm trying to tackle one space at a time so that my things are cleared out and organized. once i'm married i won't be spending many nights at their house!

{sunday afternoon: meridith's wedding shower}

{sunday afternoon: received my octopus necklace from swallow's heart!!}

{sunday night: finally! snow in greensboro! i had to make snow cream}

i'm looking forward to this weekend. it will involve karaoke, frozen yogurt, friends, family, and more cleaning!


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