Monday, January 2, 2012

hello, 2012

(not to discredit someone else's brilliant work, i took this photo from another site who took it from shutterstock)

well, here i sit on the 2nd day of 2012 and it's pretty much like many of my days in 2011. this is by no means a complaint! i loved 2011 and i am just as excited about 2012. i have exactly a week before things start back up for spring semester at uncg and i intend to do the following between now and then:

  • finish reading the hunger games (this was on my christmas vacation to-do list)
  • get a jump start on teaching for spring semester (also on my to-do list)
  • prepare notebooks for the classes i'm taking and read ahead (ugh)
  • continue to clean and organize my apartment (this never stops)
  • cook dinner for friends
  • take a friend out for her birthday
  • work out (i'm only saying this for brandon's sake. he's forcing me to.)

so maybe it won't be the most exciting week of all-time, but that's okay. i am sure that plenty of exciting weeks are ahead for me this year.


  1. I'll be a part of the "cook dinner for friends" goal! -JT

    1. jt, i would LOVE to cook dinner for you and kari sometime when she's in town!