Monday, May 30, 2011


a little inspiration for your day:

Friday, May 27, 2011

missin' these days

"wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything and everybody believed in you?"

Monday, May 23, 2011

ten days

i spent the last 10 days of my life having a nice little break from work. it was wonderful. i signed a lease on a new apartment in greensboro, traveled to chattanooga, ate lots and lots of ice cream (frozen yogurt and gelato, too!), and spent a lot of time with this cute person:

what did you spend the last 10 days doing?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

decisions, decisions

what do i do first?

  • read magazines that have piled up since september 2010 (approximately 27)
  • read books that have piled up since january 2010 (approximately endless... but there are at least 15 crammed into my bedside table right now)

or perhaps i'll browse lolcats for a while.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

boone bucket list

now that i've graduated...

(yay!) i am spending my summer in boone: working at my two jobs, reading lots of books, watching lots of movies, cooking good meals, and enjoying time on the blue ridge parkway. on august 1st, i’ll be moving to greensboro. this means that i have 82 days to fulfill my boone bucket list: things that i simply must do before i move away. 
1 | visit mystery hill *GASP* when i visited their website i learned that they’ve closed indefinitely! i’ve wanted to go since i was a freshman! sad day. also, not a good start to my bucket list.
2 |  go to wing night at macados and actually eat wings
3 |  camp at price lake
4 | hike to a waterfall
5 | eat at 
dan’l boone inn
6 | eat at crave

7 | visit the blowing rock
8 | visit linville caverns
9 |  take my picture in front of the “HANNAH” graffiti at blockbuster
10 | go to the humane society and play with the kitties & puppies

…more to come! 

Monday, May 2, 2011


i am confused by the remnants of last night's celebrations at appalachian.

possible explanations:
  • extreme pillow fighting
  • mass murder of chickens
  • shaving of santa clause

what are your speculations?

college reflection

{october 2006}

last wednesday was my last day of undergraduate classes at appalachian. it’s been a LONG 10 semesters (+ summer school for two summers) to get to this point. my dad asked me if i could remember the very first class i attended here in august 2006. i remembered instantly [8 am intro. music theory with dr. hopton-jones], but i was curious to see if i had written about it on my old blog… and i had! i present to you the thoughts of hannah leinbach on august 22, 2006:

“i am in college!! today was the 1st day of class. i really like my music theory class, but i’m wondering how much more boring the sociology professor could possibly get. he talks reallllllllly slow. and he stutters. but @least sara is in class w/ me! :) tomorrow i have english & communication & cultural anthropology. those are gonna be the hard ones. i went to and they all had terrible reviews!! :-0 oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

if you are wondering what my dorm room is like… it’s amazing! go to my friend’s entries page and look @ dianna’s lj to see pictures. by the way- dianna is awesome. a super roommate. we’re gonna have a great year! :)

i got my refund check today from asu. $537.16!!! believe it or not, dad says i get to keep it all. heck yes. but i’m still gonna get a job b/c there isn’t much to do in the afternoons when i’m done w/ classes. i think dianna and i are going to apply for a job @ this little grocery store in the building next to our dorm. we both have plenty of grocery experience!!  

i went home late late sunday night to surprise stephen for his birthday (he’s 12!!). it was a great surprise. mom even cried!! we all went to play putt putt and came back to the house for hot dogs (ick) and cookie cake! daniel even came, but he had to go to work @ 2. :( i miss him. horribly. but he’s coming to visit me tomorrow! :-D <3

well, after starting this entry @ 2 this afternoon i am finally done. time for food. and house. and madagascar.

ps) appalachian is fun. i really love it. and i didn’t expect to.”

so many things strike me as funny about this entry:

1 | my atrocious writing style makes me cringe.
2 | my brother was just turning 12. what a baby! i was 18!
3 | i referenced my (ex) boyfriend daniel. cringe again.
4 | that sociology professor really was a drag!
5 | i said i loved appalachian. hahahahahahaha. ha.
now, at the close of my time at appalachian, i have much fewer words: it’s been an interesting experience. some good things, some bad things. now i am content to move on. and i can’t wait.

{april 2011}