Friday, December 23, 2011

top 20 of 2011

on the way to the grocery store tonight, i heard an atrocious song on the radio with the line "take me down like i'm a domino" repeated throughout the chorus. do people not know good music anymore? i do not claim to be a genius when it comes to music selection, but i like to think that my favorite songs have a little more depth to them. with that said, it's time to share my top 20 list for 2011. below, you'll see my favorite songs in order as the year progressed. those with a * are my top 5 favorites.

*1. GOODNIGHT MOON go radio
2. DIZZY jimmy eat world
*3. POISON & WINE the civil wars
*4. HOME edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
5. WHAT SARAH SAID death cab for cutie
6. SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE LOVED death cab for cutie
7. TRANSATLANTICISM death cab for cutie
8. YOUNG BLOOD the naked and famous
9. I AM STILL RUNNING jon foreman
11. END OF ALL TIME stars of track and field
12. LETTERS WRITTEN IN TOMORROW'S INK michael henry & justin robinett ft/ maddie kinder
*13. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL needtobreathe
14. GRACE LIKE RAIN plumbline
16. LOST IN MY MIND the head and the heart
17. GOD GAVE ME YOU michael henry & justin robinett
18. SIGH NO MORE mumford & sons
19. RESTLESS switchfoot
*20. PARADISE coldplay

first, an obvious statement: i listened to a LOT of death cab for cutie this year. i already owned all of their albums and already loved several of their songs, but something this year just clicked and i listened to them all the time from march until may.

easily the best new albums of the year were coldplay's mylo xyloto and switchfoot's vice verses. albums that were not new, but were new to me that were incredible were needtobreathe's the outsiders and mumford & sons' sigh no more. jimmy eat world was the best live show i saw all year... one of the best live shows i've seen ever.

in 2012, i am most looking forward to new albums from the fray and the avett brothers and to seeing coldplay live in concert for the second time!

what are your favorite songs from 2011?


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