Wednesday, December 28, 2011


well, christmas is over and i've hit the end of the year doldrums. what do you really do with yourself for the week between christmas and new years? though there are many possibilities, i'll tell you that i'm doing a whole lot of nothing. nothing exciting, at least. i'm trying to decide how long i can leave my christmas decorations up before i become ridiculous. at some point i'll start preparing for next semester. but who wants to think about that right now?

my christmas this year was nice... not the christmas that i so loved when i was a kid, but nice nonetheless. i'd venture to say that it was even better than i expected. i spent christmas eve with brandon and we went to the lovefeast service at bethania moravian church... a tradition that means so much to me! on christmas day, i helped to finish decorating my parents' house and then cooked dinner for my family. i ended the night back at my apartment, exchanging gifts with brandon. on the day after christmas, i was standing outside target at 6:50 am with the "crazies," waiting to buy half price christmas swag. i stocked up on plenty of decorations and gift wrap for next year and i also bought some storage for my tree + ornaments. overall, it was a very successful trip!

i had a lot of fun celebrating christmas at home this year and want to share a few photos with you of the house!

{a winter forest}

{jolly s&p shakers}

{dinner table}

{my special ornament}

{fireplace + mantle}

{fixed, tuned, & ready to be played!}

{happy christmas to all and to all a good night}

{my dad made this german christmas tree}

{roses from brandon!}

{my first nativity... from grandmere & granddaddy, 1988}

{christmas lights}

what was nice about your christmas this year?


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