Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas vacation!

please excuse my weeklong absence from flamingos in raincoats. the end of the semester is always a stressful, overwhelming time. however, as of yesterday, i have no responsibilities as a student for a solid MONTH. spring semester starts on january 9th! i plan to spend the next month doing the following things:

  • read at least 2 books (one of which will be the hunger games)
  • re-watch the entire series of lost
  • mail christmas cards
  • prepare my teaching binder for next semester
  • try out new recipes

by the way, we set up the christmas tree at my apartment and i couldn't be more proud! it has ornaments on it that i bought in anticipation two years ago! it even has a few that my grandma leinbach made.

{the star tree topper came from ikea. only $2!}

{i love my new elephant ornament!}

we (brandon and myself) also put up stockings. mine is from world market and his is from christmas tree shops. i call it his "hipster stocking" because of the plaid. :)

{this terrible quality photo is why i want a new camera for christmas!}
{i'm not getting a new camera for christmas.}

i have so many christmas decorations, but i am not sure if i'll put them all out this year or not. i'm on the hunt for some cute, christmasy salt + pepper shakers. there were some cute reindeer ones at target, but i didn't snatch them up in time and now they're sold out. well... except for one. how do you end up with ONE shaker left for sale?

time for me to stop blogging for today. i'm starting my christmas vacation off by going to see the broadway production of mamma mia! this afternoon. can't wait!


  1. Your Christmasy apartment looks adorable! Great job on decorating!!

  2. I was about the say the exact same thing Meggie did!