Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Conrad Family Thanksgiving

If you know me in real life, I am sure you've heard me complain about my family's Thanksgiving tradition of eating fried oysters. Most families have turkey. Some families have ham or chicken. But us? We have deep fried seafood. Yum? Last year I posted on my LiveJournal about Thanksgiving, so I've stolen my 2010 photos to post here. Ever wonder the process to make fried oysters? This year, I helped Granddaddy bread them and even learned how to fry them properly.

1. Unpack jar after jar after jar of smelly, slimy oysters.

2. Bread oysters with crumbled crackers, egg, and condensed milk. (This year, I learned that the secret is actually to double bread them!)

3. Fry in peanut oil.

4. Enjoy?

5. At least we have pumpkin pie!

I am not an oyster fan, so I usually make chicken casserole for myself. One year I even bought grape chicken salad from Lowes Foods to eat on Thanksgiving Day. Oh, how I can't wait to make a "real" Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for Brandon and myself (photos forthcoming!). We are actually eating turkey! What do you eat on Thanksgiving Day?

Note: I realize that this holiday is about more than food. I enjoy the time we get to spend together as a family, too. It's nice that Christmas will follow shortly and we'll get to have everyone over to our house again (this time for spaghetti, probably).


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