Saturday, October 8, 2011

dixie classic fair

i love october because it means the arrival of the dixie classic fair… a hannah tradition as long as i can remember! this year, i was lucky enough to go two days back-to-back. i love the rides, the expo building, the food, the lights, the games, the people watching… all of it! here are my favorite shots from the 2011 fair (and yes, i realize that most of them are food. oops! i was too excited most of the time i was walking around to stop and take pictures of anything else.)

{thank you martha elster for agreeing to pay $5 to make my ferris wheel fantasy come true}

{moravian chicken pie from friedland moravian church}

{pumpkin funnel cake with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and maple syrup}

{super hero sheep? he has a cape and a mask!}

{no, i didn't eat any deep fried butter. maybe next year.}

{chicken on a stick + coke = $10}

{no, that's not mustard on her burger. that's LIQUID CHEESE.}

{stand in line, take pictures}

{entrance to the midway}

{i visit these guys in the expo building every year. they have the best seasonings and dip mixes!}

things i was too distracted to photograph, but were still awesome:
  • martha’s deep fried bacon on a stick
  • my deep fried oreos
  • brandon’s successful venture at darts that won me a stuffed monkey
  • the popcorn fanatic’s buffalo wing popcorn
  • terrance b, hypnotist (the MOST entertaining show i’ve seen in a while)

i already can’t wait ‘til next year!


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