Friday, September 16, 2011

a welcome return

if you are demanding an explanation for my absence, let me assure you that all signs point to GRAD SCHOOL. i’ve been a graduate student and a graduate teaching assistant for four weeks now and it is exhausting! i am teaching two courses and enrolled in two courses of my own. if this is any indication to how overwhelmed i’ve been feeling, let me tell you what i did the week before last:
1. printed a gajillion pages to read for class
2. read a gajillion pages for class
3. retained nothing
4. went to class
5. discovered i had stapled my pages out of order and read them that way without even realizing 

so, i’ve been a little out of it. grad school is not a piece of cake. it’s been quite discouraging at times, but i know that it’s a good place for me to be right now. so i’ll carry on like i always do. i have so, so many things that i’ve been dying to write about! if only i had the time! we’ll see how well i’m able to keep up with this blog over the next few months. don’t give up on me! the first order of business upon my return is to tell you that i am now a happy pet owner! who would have thought this would be possible after my last pet post? my bunny, zoe, is the cutest rabbit in the world:

expect many more posts from me in the near future... maybe ;)


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