Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend excursions

one of my best friends (lovingly called hannah #2, since i am #1) came to visit greensboro this weekend and we had such a good time! then, i spent sunday afternoon with one of my other favorite people (brandon callaway).

{friday evening: the central carolina fair was tiny, but fun}

{friday evening: what would a fair be without fried foods?}

{friday evening: hannah #2 was WAY too excited about our funnel cake!}

{saturday afternoon: halloween costume shopping for hannah #2's "america" costume. the hat reads "redneck and darn proud of it."}

{saturday afternoon: this gorgeous bouquet from the farmers market cost five dollars... FIVE DOLLARS!}

{saturday evening: greek food from zoe's kitchen}

{saturday night: hannah #2 and zoe watching the big bang theory}

{sunday afternoon: my first trip to the "bull hole" in cooleemee, nc}

{sunday afternoon: putt putt at dan nicholas park in salisbury, nc}


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