Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rainy days and bunnies

yesterday was the first really rainy day of the semester. of course this means that i did a few dumb things: (for the first time ever) i parked on the opposite side of campus from my classroom AND i decided to wear leather flip flops. during the torrential downpour that occurred precisely from the time my class let out to the time i arrived at my car, i gave up on wearing the flip flops (didn’t want my feet to get stained orange) and went barefoot across campus. i can’t help but to wonder what the uncg students thought of the crazy hippie girl who was running barefoot through campus. nobody at appalachian would have thought twice. ha! by the time i reached my car i looked a bit like a large, wet dog. eek. after a change of clothes at my apartment, i set out again in my rainboots, only to discover that the rain had stopped. oh well, you win some & you lose some. 
in other news, i visited a local books-a-million that is closing. the books were 20% off, but i found myself looking up titles on amazon on my phone as i stood in the aisles and they werestill cheaper. perhaps this is why the store is going out of business? at any rate, everything else was 40% (or more) off and i did score the game of things for only $12! guess this means i need to have a game night soon. i’m slowly but surely working on building my game collection.

also, zoe wants me to post a cute picture of her. "welcome to my house, guys!"


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