Monday, August 8, 2011

the time hannah was wrong

i know this post is kind of out of order, because i haven’t written my big post about MY NEW APARTMENT yet, but this takes precedence. i want to share a story with you about my life right now, a story about me not being as perfect as i sometimes like to think i am.
yesterday, i adopted a puppy… a sweet, 10 week old female dachshund/shih tzu mix that i named london. today, i am returning her to her previous owner.
i have talked about getting a dog for just as long as i’ve talked about getting my apartment. i assumed i’d get a puppy asap after my move to greensboro, even though i told my friends and family i’d wait a while. when news of london popped up out of the blue over the weekend, i went to visit her, fell in love with how sweet she was, and brought her home with me.
common knowledge: puppies whine and cry and bark all the time, especially when they’re crate training. london is no exception. if anything, she cries more because she was very spoiled by her previous owner as well as by both of her parents. i knew to expect this type of behavior, but it severely upset my upstairs neighbors last night- to the point of them banging on the floor. 
for that reason and for a general feeling of being completely overwhelmed and upset non-stop since last night, london is going back to salisbury today. her owner didn’t want to give her up in the first place and is thrilled to have her back. the money i paid for her is going towards her second round of shots.
am i upset? mortified? sad? disheartened? all of the above. i hate that i’m a failure and i hate that my friends and boyfriend are disappointed in me. this time, i was wrong. i can’t always have (or handle) everything i want and i will not soon forget this lesson i’ve learned.


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