Wednesday, July 20, 2011

time flies

with less than a week left in boone, i’ve been reflecting on my time here and attempting to check off some of the items on my boone bucket list. so far, i’ve done the following:
  • wing night at macados
  • the blowing rock
  • crave

that’s it, folks! i need to step up my game if i’m going to do anything else between now and tuesday. i have photos of these 3 events, but i mistakenly already packed my camera cord, so they’ll have to be posted later. what i do have, however, are old photos… photos of things i’ll REALLY miss about my life in boone…

my first college roommate, dianna snow
we had so, so many good times together

my job at university highlands
couldn’t have asked for a better job
i’ve been dreading my last day for months

price lake
my favorite place to be alone

dos amigos
the best mexican food in boone
(and in the world)

“hannah #2,” hannah speight
couldn’t have made it through the last few years without her
i’ll miss hannah most of all


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