Sunday, June 26, 2011

busy bee

it’s funny how i thought that my life would calm down for a few months between undergraduate graduation and the beginning of grad school. i had so many plans to take some time to myself! i was going to read lots of books (currently, i haven’t even started one!), go to the pool every chance i had, hike along the blue ridge parkway, and blog a lot. who was i kidding? i should have known that none of this would happen! as my friends keep reminding me, though- if my life wasn’t crazy and busy and overwhelming all the time it wouldn’t be my life and i would be miserable.
all of this is to say that i’m SORRY i haven’t been blogging lately. i truly love writing and i feel like such a failure for not making it more of a priority in my life. i tend to go through phases with my blogging and it has never been very consistent. i’m going to try to work on that. so from here on out, expect to see at least 2 posts a week! 
as you may have noticed, i’ve changed the “theme” of this blog, since my old theme wasn’t showing up correctly on all operating systems. somehow during this transition i managed to lose all of my old comments. oops! so, leave me some new comments and tell me what you think about the new theme. or, tell me what you think about anything in general… skydiving, ice cream, coral reefs, or the color yellow are all random examples of things i’m thinking about right now. :)
lots of love,


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