Monday, March 14, 2011

a spring break assessment

my spring break, though not what i expected, was pretty excellent! i did not make it to myrtle beach, but i did go roller skating, bowling (twice), saw the adjustment bureau (twice), cooked for my family, and wasted gallon upon gallon of gas driving around conversating until the wee hours of the morning (more than twice).

{tumblr is telling me that “conversating” is not a real word. oh well. we’ll pretend like it is.}

i also heard back from one grad school (accepted!) and interviewed at another. i became obsessed with a game called bubble buster. i spent a sunny afternoon at a gorgeous farm. i bought a new summer dress (or two or…) and a rain jacket.

it was a wonderful week, but now i’m back in boone looking at what’s ahead: two exams and two research papers due before friday. oh, i can’t wait ‘til summer! :)


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