Thursday, March 17, 2011

diary of an organizational nerd

i couldn't focus in class today. something was bothering me.

that something was my spice cabinet. you see, it was a mess. it gave me nightmares (no, not really. but you get the point). it looked like this:

eek. i couldn't take it any longer! after a quick trip to the kitchen collection outlet store to purchase a stand for my spices and a lazy susan for my oils/sprays, i returned to thoroughly organize what had been haunting me for months. first, i took everything out of the cabinet to assess what could be thrown out or combined:

there was so much stuff! how does one accumulate all of this? some strange discoveries: cinnamon i bought at the end of my freshman year, texas pete that had turned brown, sesame oil that does not belong to me or my current roommate, three bottles of soy sauce, and three containers of onion flakes. i somehow managed to fit most of it back into the cabinet and:

ta-da! beautiful, right? there is (almost) nothing i love more than a good afternoon of organizing and cleaning my kitchen. after i solved my messy spice cabinet problem, i was inspired to scrub down and re-arrange everything on our countertops as well. i even took the time to use the kitchen to make some banana muffins:

mmm. also, another product for an organizational nerd’s delight that i picked up today: an egg-tainer. i know, i’m ridiculous. how do you like to stay organized in the kitchen?


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