Friday, February 18, 2011


what is the last song you were obsessed with… really, really obsessed with? i tend to obsess over songs pretty often. i’ll put them on repeat on my itunes and listen to them in my car over and over again. if there’s an official music video on youtube, i’ll shamelessly watch that several times as well. don’t roll your eyes. i know you’ve done the same thing. 

when the film once came out in 2006 and i heard the swell season’s “falling slowly” for the first time, i thought that there would never be a more epic duet. then, on monday, i heard “poison & wine” by the civil wars for the first time. it. is. incredible. it has been out for a while and was even featured on grey’s anatomy in 2009, but somehow i’ve missed it until now!

listening to “poison & wine” on repeat this week has started me thinking of other awesome collaborations and i have been inspired to post my top 10 favorite duets. i took a list of 40 and cut it down to this. eek! click the song title to be directed to youtube. (keep in mind… most of these are not official music videos.)
poison & wine | the civil wars
falling slowly | the swell season
the saltwater room | owl city & breanne duren
swept away (sentimental version) | the avett brothers & bonnie rini
whiskey lullaby | brad paisley & alison krauss
memories (all we need) | the sequel & a mystery girl i don’t know
hallelujah | justin timberlake & charlie sexton
no air | jordin sparks & chris brown (i know, i KNOW people hate chris brown. i still love this song.)
anyone else but you | michael cera & ellen page 

i also asked some of my friends what their favorite duets were. here are a couple that i really liked:
set the fire to the third bar | snow patrol & martha wainwright
home | edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
(this is a cover. the best cover ever!) 
the prayer | charlotte church & josh groban
“peanut butter and jelly” (thanks, ben carter)
baby it’s cold outside | will ferrell & zooey deschanel
that’s it, folks! if you have a burning desire for me to hear your favorite duet that wasn’t mentioned here, leave it in a comment!


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