Saturday, February 19, 2011

book nerd

though i’m sorry to hear of borders’ financial troubles and though i’m sad to see the waldenbooks at the boone mall close, i was elated to discover that the entire stock is currently 40% off! a book nerd’s paradise! it is comical that i call myself a ‘book nerd’ because i haven’t read a book for pleasure since… january 2010? so sad. i have around 20 books waiting for me to start reading this summer after i graduate!

i went to waldenbooks yesterday and allowed myself one purchase: the hungry girl cookbook. i’d had my eye on it for a while and at 40% off i just couldn’t resist. unfortunately, an idea crept into my head this morning that i should return to waldenbooks to check out the sale again. this afternoon, i left with the following:
  • hungry girl 1-2-3 cookbook
  • the message remix bible
  • unaccustomed earth, jhumpa lahiri
  • the alchemist, paulo coelho
  • a new address book

i spent a significant amount of time in the store today in the children’s section, reminiscing about my old favorites. reading has always been a big deal in my house. my mom, brother, and i all love to read. i remember the first book that i learned to read was hop on pop by dr. seuss. of course, in all actuality i probably had just memorized it and wasn’t really reading it per say. oh well, not my point. my point is that i love books! and i really love children’s books! some of my favorites back in the day were:
  • the berenstain bears series, stan & jan berenstain
  • the jolly postman, allan & janet ahlberg
  • the very hungry caterpillar, eric carle
  • the twelve dancing princesses, ruth sanderson
  • read-aloud bible stories, ella lindvall & h. kent puckett
  • mrs. gigglebelly is coming to tea, donna guthrie
  • the year of the perfect christmas tree, gloria houston
  • the shoe book, ??? (can’t find this online anywhere!)

what were your favorite books when you were young? what was the first book you learned to read?


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