Sunday, January 9, 2011

things to make me happy when i'm not happy

i was very unhappy when i woke up today, but luckily i was smart enough to drag myself out of bed to try to make the best of an unpleasant situation. i present to you, all based on things i did today, my list of things to make me happy when i'm not happy:

  • spend time with my granddaddy
  • spend time with my best friend
  • shop (in this case: for shoes, and a dress from francesca's)
  • blogging
  • wear leggings as pants (this is only ok if you're having a bad day and don't have any clean jeans)
  • eat at my new favorite restaurant, genghis grill
  • lounge around while playing with a cute kitty
  • watch several episodes of the big bang theory
  • eat a LOT of ice cream (in this case: haggen-dazs caramel cone)
  • listen to owl city

what makes you happy when you're not happy?


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