Tuesday, January 11, 2011

spring semester

this is my last semester of undergrad and i thought you might find it interesting to see what i'm going to be doing for the next 16 weeks. perhaps i assume incorrectly that anyone finds my class schedule interesting. still, i'm going to post it anyway.

  • nonverbal communication
  • oceanography + lab
  • mass media & society
  • crisis communication
  • managerial communication
  • independent study: rhetoric, materiality, & public memory

for my last semester, i'm taking all major courses (my major is communication studies) with the exception of oceanography. of course, i put off my required science classes until my last year. i haven't been to all of my classes yet, so i can't really comment on their difficulty level or how much i think i'm going to enjoy the subject matter. my hope is that the difficulty level stays low and that my enjoyment stays high! if only...

this semester i am also continuing my two part time jobs. i have worked as a student worker at university highlands apartments for three and a half years and as a marketing intern at appalachain's office of arts & cultural programs for one year. combined, i spend between 15-26 hours a week at work.

overall, it is going to be a busy few months for me. however, graduation is in sight (may 8th!) and a wonderful summer with no summer school will follow. for now, i won't think about the fact that my "easygoing" summer of working 50+ hours a week will be followed by 2 years of graduate school. ;) it's a good thing i am a workaholic!

if you're still in school, i hope that your semester has started off well. if you are not, then i am very envious of you right now.


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