Sunday, January 30, 2011

random thoughts on a saturday night

i had a discussion with my roommate the other night about what cuisine i'd live off of forever if i could only pick one. how do you even decide something like that? we were eating mexican at the time, so of course i said mexican. but then i thought about italian. and chinese. and japanese. oh my. are you hungry yet? :)

i would like to share with you a big plan that i had for 2011 and a major reason that i switched from my somewhat private livejournal to public blogging through tumblr through blogger. sometime last semester while i was enrolled in an introduction to film class, i made a goal to watch the american film institute's 100 greatest movies of all time. sadly, i soon realized that i was completely overwhelmed and had no time to undertake such a monumental task. however, recently i've begun to visit the idea again and i think i'm going to start very soon! i did a quick count, and i've only seen 17 movies on the list. how many have you seen? i'm looking forward to watching each of them and sharing my thoughts on this blog!

some fun facts from me to you:
  • i broke my toe today
  • i broke my toe once before, kicking a table at panera
  • i have been at work for nearly 12 hours
  • i am spending the rest of my night at work youtubing good music
  • so far, i've listened to about 20 covers of "bella donna" by the avett brothers
  • but none are as good as the original


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