Thursday, January 27, 2011

keep calm and carry on

in a ranking of good & bad days in my life, today would fall somewhere towards the bottom. it's probably a combination of the demands of school, work, and the rest of my life catching up to me. do you ever have one of those days when everything gets to you? when i lived at home, my mom would allow me to take a couple of "mental health" days each school year. she wouldn't ask me why i needed to take one... she'd just say "ok"and let me stay home and watch tv all day. then i'd pick myself up the next day and go on about my life. oh, if only mental health days were possible in college.

today's fate was sealed when i found out that a very important part of my grad school application for nc state hadn't been received... because somehow during all of my obsessing and careful review of the materials needed i completely missed this document (a form to go with each of my recommendation letters). if it was something i could take care of myself, it wouldn't be a problem. however, i have trouble trusting other people to get things done... especially before tuesday at 5 pm (which is the final deadline).

i was exchanging emails with the head of graduate student support for the communication department @ nc state and i told her how upset i was and she responded with this:

"hannah, don't worry and don't be anxious... keep calm and carry on." 

i love that phrase. "keep calm and carry on." i found a framed poster of it at tj maxx once that became one of my photos of the day last year. i should have bought it then, but i plan to purchase it sometime this year and hang it in my apartment once i leave boone. what a positive message for when you're feeling down!


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